Alcohol And Female Libido

Female libido is a major health concern and there are a number of factors that affect the female libido.  Let us now understand that external factors like smoking, drinking etc. have their role to play in a diminishing female libido.  Here are the affects of the consumption of alcohol and female libido.

Interrelation between alcoholics and low libido level in women

Alcohol affects both men and women, but the levels may vary.  As per statistics, the percentage of women who consume alcohol has increased and drinking before having sex has become quite common.  It is a misconceived notion that alcoholics are able to perform and have good sex.  Though it may be temporary, the ill effects of alcohol can cause havoc to the woman’s health.  Hence, women need to be well read and educated about the ill effects of alcohol and should try and curb the need to consume alcohol as it could lead to health problems like low libido, difficulty in conceiving, depression, sleeplessness, irritability and so on.

Potential dangers of alcohol

Heavy alcohol consumption can have negative effects on women and many of them find it difficult to live a normal life, once they fall a prey to this.  It can cause a woman to have difficulty in attaining an orgasm as her vagina becomes dry and she is unable to enjoy a happy sexual life.  However, if women take alcohol in small quantities, it is not much of a problem.  Lovemaking becomes difficult and painful if the woman is a severe alcoholic.

Research about alcoholics and low libido

There has been a direct connect between alcoholics and low libido levels and women are not able to respond to sexual stimulation.  It affects their normal life and overall performances.  Pregnant women should refrain from taking alcohol as it could lead to mental retardation of the child accompanied with birth defects.

Under the influence of alcohol, safety measures are not adhered to by women and there are greater chances of unprotected sex with any other partner.  The other long term problems associated with alcohol are libido loss, less response to sexual arousal, lesser orgasm and greater chances of attracting sexually transmitted diseases. Hence, it makes sense to keep their health in good condition and be aware of what is happening around them and also to their body.  There may be an improvement in the libido levels temporarily but the negative effects and the permanent problems it can cause to the body are quite high.  Chronic alcohol abuse may also lead to a variety of problems in the life of the woman.

Connection between low libido and alcohol

There is a definite connection between alcohol and low libido levels.  Fatigue, surgery, depression, relationship problems are some of the problems that alcoholics face.  Alcohol reduces the urge to have sex and enjoy sex with the partner as one tends to fall prey to it.  There are ways and means to get out of this alcoholism by resorting to natural methods. One should stay away from quick fix measures to curb alcoholism as these definitely are not effective and can create havoc with the natural balance of the body.

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