Can Birth Control Pills Lower Your Libido?

The discovery of birth control pills has given women the right to control their reproductive health and conceive according to their desired time. But do you know that these birth control pills do have several side effects like blood clots, low libido, mood swings etc. These birth control pills are the most popular contraceptive method that is adopted by many women around the world.

But these pills can significantly lower your libido. Over 70 percent women use these pills as a contraceptive method. The  reaction from the pills can vary from women to women. This is mainly common among city women, whose first priority is career rather than starting a family. These pills give women the advantage of choosing their way of life.

How birth control pills work

Birth control pills mainly suppress the natural cycle of ovulation of a woman. If a woman intake these pills regularly, then it can be hazardous for her health. These pills mainly deliver a combination of synthetic hormones into your body.

Now these hormones restrict your ovaries from releasing eggs for fertilization and this hinder the implantation course during those months when ovulation is not prohibited. Each and every pill has different levels of synthetic hormones. Figure it out that your libido problem is only due to your birth control pill or else you need other medical help. Look at the side effects that you are suffering from.

Birth control pills lower your libido

One major drawback of these birth control pills is lower libido. It decreases sexual enjoyment and even hinders sex drive. The normal ovulation process that mainly occurs during the mid-cycle is completely suppressed and also effects the hormonal changes that play a big role in women’s libido. So these birth control pills have a directly affects women’s libido by interfering with their sexual hormones.

These pills hamper the production of androgens in women’s ovaries. Now androgens have a direct effect on sexual pleasure that you experience during intercourse. These pills also increase sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) in a woman’s body and high level of SHBG decreases libido in the body. Besides these birth control pills, depression, anxiety, fatigue, diabetes, and other medical problems can also cause lower libido.

If you are experiencing lower libido from these birth control pills, then talk to your doctor about it. Maybe she/he can suggest a better pill that will suit you or you may adopt other birth control techniques. Talk to your partner about it. Adopting a safe yet powerful birth control method is important for your health and will also save you from low libido.

But before you take any such birth control pill, talk to your physician and ask her/him about it in details and also about the side effects. The birth control pill tricks your body into thinking  that you are already pregnant. There are some unsuccessful cases too while using these pills so be careful when you use it and do not overdose it.

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