Causes of Low Female Libido

It is imperative that women take good care of their health as there are many problems that women face.  Timely care and treatment will surely help lead a healthy and good life.  Low female libido is one such problem that women have to face.

Addressing the problem of low female libido

It is possible to address the problem of low female libido by approaching an experienced doctor.  The condition of low libido is also referred to as hypoactive sexual desire.  The problem may be temporary and with the right medication, it can be sorted out.  Low libido may result in low sex desire and it may affect a couple’s relationship.  The libido factor has a lot to do with emotional and physical factors and this need to be tackled on time.

Causes of low libido in females

There are both physical as well as psychological causes that may lead to low libido in females.  The medical issues can be anything from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and such diseases that may lead to low libido levels.  Women who are alcoholics or who have been on high anti depressants and contraceptives may also experience low libido levels.

Sexual issues like pain at the time of intercourse may bring nervousness and it could lead to a low sex drive and desire.  Fatigue or tiredness are other causes of low libido in women.  Operations that have been conducted either on the breast or the genital areas may cause diminished libido levels.

Hormonal issues

Women who have imbalanced hormones may experience irritability, no desire to have sex, and dryness of the vagina.  These are possible causes of low libido.  Similarly, women who are nearing menopause may also experience these problems and these need to be tackled by approaching a good gynecologist.

 Menopause occurs when there is an imbalance in the levels of estrogens.  Estrogen is very important for keeping the female sexual organs in good health.  When the walls of the vagina become dry, the couple will not enjoy having sex and this means the libido levels will be low.

Pregnancy is also one of the causes for a low libido level.  When there are hormonal changes that happen in the body, the body tends to react in a particular fashion.  Hormonal changes can cause women to have disinterest in sex, mood swings, and so on.  Women also experience these post pregnancy especially when they are feeding their baby.  Extreme tiredness and fatigue are also other reasons for low libido levels.

Stress and Depression – Contributors to low libido levels

Depression and stress are major contributors to a low level of libido in women. Fights and misunderstandings with the spouse or partner can also cause depression.  Sleep deprivation and infidelity have also their role to play in this.  Women lose their interest in sex and they find it difficult to communicate with their partner and this could lead to low levels of libido.  The couple should spend time with each other and discuss the issues.

Try natural ways to improve the libido instead of getting hooked to over the counter capsules and pills, as these may affect your health in the long run.

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