Do Women Need to Douche?

It is a myth that a woman’s vagina is not clean and it is dirty.  Many companies are marketing new products on this basis and have earned good profits.  So, do women need to douche?  Let us first understand about why douching is considered a must for women and whether women should really go for it.

As per medical statistics and evidence, it is said that douching is really not all that important and it has been proven that it is not very healthy also.  Generally, douching is advised by close family friends like your sister or mother.  It is said that douching helps to keep the vagina clean and free from infection and few believed that it has resulted in the woman not being able to conceive.  In fact, both the above assumptions are false.

Everything you wanted to know about douching

The bacteria present in the vagina are good and healthy and it safeguards vaginal infection.  Hydrogen peroxide which is a natural disinfectant is released by the Lactobacilli and it helps in maintaining the balance perfectly.  Some women prefer to get douching done at the time of their menstruation.  Some women feel that douching is a must to prevent any such infections and imbalances.   Women who regularly douche after their menses are more prone to experiencing bacterial vaginosis.

Visiting the Gynecologist

Bacterial Vaginosis is a condition where the woman suffers from itching of the vagina, unpleasant smelling fluid coming out of the vagina and so it needs to be treated. Hence, it is important to approach a gynecologist to treat the condition.  At times, the smell is fishy even after having intercourse.  The chances of vaginal infection are doubled when women neglect their personal hygiene.

Bacterial vaginosis is accelerated with douching and it may also lead to herpes amongst women.  There are a number of other side effects related to douching.  Smoking or having sex with unhealthy sex partners may double the chances of an infection.  Douching is only like a pH balancer and it cannot be used as a contraceptive.

When should women resort to douching?

The meaning of the term vagina is sheath and it is like a protective covering.  With the improvement in the medical field, there are many companies that are into production of medical pills and douching methods and these are being marketed aggressively.

Women should preferably opt for natural methods and refrain from excessive medication as it could lead to side effects like itching, redness and so on.  Douching solutions especially with natural ingredients are safe on the body.  However, medical experts say that the vagina has its own self cleaning process and they do not recommend douching.

Side effects of Douching

Douching may result in pelvic inflammation and other vaginal secretion problems, hence one need to be careful when doing this. Women in particular are affected by yeast infections at some point in their lives and they need to follow good hygiene and make sure that the pH balance is maintained optimally.  The right foods, exercise and healthy drinks are helpful in keeping the vagina healthy.

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