Female Sexual Pain Disorders

Let us all agree that it is very important to have sexual satisfaction, be it a man or a woman.  As per statistics, the percentage of women who experience sexual dissatisfaction in bed is quite high.  The reasons for this are many and it is now possible to get rid of female sexual pain disorders by adopting the right measures.

Understanding female disorders

Dyspareunia is a condition when the woman experience pain at the time of intercourse.  This may be caused by vaginal infection.  The pain extends to the vagina and sides of the vagina.  Either medicines are prescribed or a vulvar surgery may be recommended by the gynecologist.  When the woman is approaching menopause, the vaginal wall shrinks and becomes thin and this could be one of the reasons for sexual pain disorders.

Vaginismus is a condition when the muscles around the vagina become tight making it difficult for the partner to penetrate.  Intercourse and sex become difficult and the partners are unable to enjoy each other.

Solutions to sexual pain orders in women

There are a number of ways in which sexual pain can be treated.  The factors related to sexual pain may be anything from physical, mental to psychological.  A hormone replacement therapy helps in replacing the hormones in the body.  Women who are approaching menopause may want to go for higher levels of testosterone.

Antibiotics or medicines help in curing the infection in the urinary tract and vaginal tract. Regular bladder infections may also lead to Dyspareunia.  It is possible to treat the physical and emotional sexual problems in a woman and seeing a sexual therapist really helps.  There are also exercises that help in opening the vaginal wall.

Intercourse pain or dyspareunia

Sexual pain disorders are extreme cases of female sexual dysfunction.  Women may experience this condition at the time of intercourse and also after intercourse.  Even simple genital stimulation may cause this condition.  This kind of sexual pain may occur inside the vagina or the pelvic area and some women experience throbbing pain.

Other cases of Dyspareunia

Some other cases of dyspareunia is when women experience superficial pain within the vagina, vulva and the introitus.  Medication and ointments are recommended for reducing the intensity of the pain.  Women experience pain at the time of sexual activity or even with physical contact with the vagina.  Few women experience pain with little sexual stimulation and without any intercourse.  This is when the vulva or the labia is affected and it needs medical attention.

Vulvodynia – Pain in the vulva

In this condition, the woman experiences pain in specific regions of the vulva.  There is tenderness in a few points of the vulva.  They may experience a burning sensation in the vagina and there is itching and pain both in sexual as well as nonsexual stimulation.  Premenopausal women are also affected by this condition.

Deep Dyspareunia

This pain is experienced at the time of sexual intercourse and the pain becomes unbearable for the women.  Dryness of the vagina is one of the main causes of these sexual problems.  Hence, women need to remain well lubricated before they have sex with their partner so that they do not experience dryness and itching.  Choose  natural products that are safe and gentle on the body.

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