Female Sexual Problems Associated With Ageing

Ageing and sexual problems are related because with age along with other parts of the body, the reproductive organs too loose their prior ability. It is a natural process and all men and women face it at some point of their lives. So in case you have the following symptoms, do not feel shy or inferior, rather try to accept it and find herbal remedies for the symptoms.

Sexual dysfunctions are grossly related to the physical condition of the person. With age when other parts of the body slowly deteriorate and you start taking medicine to boost their working capacity you may have sexual problems.  For example heart diseases, diabetes, hormonal imbalance with menopause all sets in with age and as a result it is very natural to have sexual problems. Here are some of the problems related to ageing and sex life.

Lack of sex drive and Anorgasmia

Lack of sexual desire is the first symptoms of ageing. The most common reason is the hormonal imbalance. With menopause or hormonal imbalance one may lose the desire for an active sexual life. Medical conditions add to the problems even more. One may even fail to get aroused. In women the arousal is very much related to the vaginal secretions but with time these secretions slowly begin to deteriorate. Anxiety and ill health add to the problem and women may lack that required amount of stimulation to get aroused. Blood reaching these parts gets restricted to health and this is the reason why the lubrication decreases.

Anorgasmia is a clinical condition in which the person lacks orgasm. Drugs and chronic diseases are the main factors that create this problem after a certain age. This may happen in younger age too due to stress from careers, new motherhood and change in lifestyle. But it is very common close to the menopause when the person does not feel the orgasm. Associated with Anorgasmia is painful intercourse. It is very logical that if the person is facing problems with lubrication in old age, or having infections in the vagina due to medication for example in diabetes, or even due to the presence of scar tissue is likely to have a painful intercourse.

You can try herbal remedies

Herbal remedies for female sexual problems?  Yes it is true that there are herbal remedies that may increase your sexual performance. There herbs are naturally found in nature and they may be very good to increase your libido at the same time not have any side effects. Tribulus Terrestris is the scientific name of the most common herb that is prescribed for increasing the female libido. It works to increase the testosterone levels in the body because the women who suffer from these kinds of problems have lower levels of the hormone. Damiana is yet another product that may work miracles raising the aphrodisiac levels. Since times immemorial they have been used on people and additionally it gives the women relief from hot flashes and other menopausal related problems.

Supplements are available in the market that have been made by using these key ingredients and instead of having remorse of the present condition one must invest in these supplements to have effects.  Two very effective libido enhancer products are Hersolution and Provestra.  They help balance the hormones and improve the sexual health.

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