Stress and a Woman’s Sex Drive

All of us will agree that stress affects different individuals in different ways.  There is a lot of competition in today’s fast paced life when it comes to performing in the work place.  Somewhere, it affects our brain and our mind as well.  This indirectly affects our physical health.  For some females, it affects their romantic relationships or marital life which means they experience stress and there is a low sex drive.  There is a drop in the libido and they are not able to enjoy a happy sex life in their marriage.  Sex is the very essence of every marriage.  There has to be the right emotional and physical release in every marriage to remain happy and contented.  Though, sex is not the only requirement for a happy marriage, it definitely has an important role to play in every individual’s married life.

Sex as a stress reliever

Sex can be a beautiful stress reliever and the couple experiences bliss when they have it. It is possible to ensure that you have a good sex life by following natural methods like remaining stress free and at ease. It is not always necessary to have medicines or go for artificial methods to boost the sex drive in men and women.

Why there is a drop in the sex drive?

There are different ways to reach that point of excitement and sex drive.  The adrenal glands have to function effectively and this would automatically ensure that you are driven to consummate and enjoy your sex life.   When the DHEA level is below normal, it could result in many health ailments.  The body becomes automatically stressed and that affects our sex life.  Hence, one need to make sure to keep the adrenal glands working properly and this is possible by following a healthy lifestyle and also by following a healthy diet.

Living stress free life and improving sex drive

Stress also results in depression which gives rise to further problems like sleeplessness, feeling of committing suicide, reduced libido, worthless feeling and so on.  Women in particular experience these feelings and they lose their sexual desire. Also, women in their mid Forties may approach menopause which could further reduce the desire to have sex.

Antidepressants and sex drive

Antidepressant medicines would aggravate the problem and it makes it difficult to achieve orgasm.  Hence, go through the contents carefully before you go on these medicines.  Speak to your doctor before you begin this medication.  Many women experience changes in their sexual behavior when they are on a dose of antidepressants and they need to consult with their health provider immediately.

Other factors affecting sex drive in women

Menopause, post delivery and so on also reduce the sex drive in women.  Sleep deprivation is one common side effect of depression and stress and it also leads to irritability, bowel related problems and mood swings.   Hence, it becomes very important that one tackles stress.  This will help in reducing sex related problems and allow for a healthy and happy sex life with your partner.

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