Synthetic Hormones: It’s Effects On Women’s Libido

synthetic hormonesIn addition to altering lifestyle patterns, women worldwide are increasingly using synthetic hormones to deal with low libido levels. As women age, there is a decline in sexual drives or the desire to get intimate with a partner physically. This is observed especially during the menopause phase due to the fluctuation in hormone levels. It is in fact one of the dominant symptoms of menopause and affects 20-40% menopausal women.

However, many women fail to understand this phenomenon and the possible reasons for low libido.  This article throws light on female libido, the causes for loss of libido and the use of synthetic hormones as a way to increase libido.

Women’s Libido: What are the causes for loss of libido

The meaning of the term “Libido” is given as the person’s desire to have sex or simply the sexual drives experienced by a person. A drop in the libido results in loss of interest in sexual activity. Understanding female libido is complex as it is unique and has several approaches. There are psychological, physical, hormonal and relational causes responsible for the decline in libido.

1.    Menopause has been regarded as one of the main causes for low libido.
2.    Psychological factors that influence women’s libido are stress, anxiety, depression, body image, ideas about sex and memories of past sexual abuse.
3.    Medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hysterectomy and certain medications also cause lowered libido.
4.    The physical conditions that act as causative factors for the loss of libido include sexual dysfunction and vaginal dryness.
5.    There are other social factors that also take a toll on one’s sexual life. They include excessively pressuring work spheres, lifestyle habits like smoking and alcoholism, lack of communication and intimacy in a relationship.

What Are The Different Types Of Hormones?

There are three main hormones produced within the body; estrogen, progesterone and testosterone/ androgens and each of them performs a specific function. Estrogen boosts female sexuality by maintaining vaginal lubrication and health. Progesterone is mainly regarded as the pregnancy hormone but, it also enhances sexual health. Testosterone is another vital hormone that stimulates blood flow. Approximately around the time of menopause or with age the level of hormones drops within the body and it lowers or stops the natural production of hormones within the body and this leads to loss of libido.

There are a number of treatments available to increase female libido and the most common is the use of synthetic hormones. The synthetic hormones are built using plant estrogens and animal progesterone. They are different from the naturally produced synthetic hormones but, perform the same functions in their absence. They are duplicate hormones produced by synthesis in the laboratory. The synthetic hormones can be supplied to the body in different forms including tablets, capsules, creams, patches, gels and injections.

The Use Of Synthetic Hormones To Increase Sex Drive

There are many women who are troubled by the loss of libido.  They still want to enjoy the active and fulfilling sexual lives they enjoyed in their younger days. Synthetic hormones can help restore a woman’s libido and enhance her sexual life.

There is no fixed dose of synthetic hormones and it varies based on the health and physical conditions of each individual woman.  Women should test the hormone levels before opting for any libido medication or synthetic hormones. The intake of synthetic hormones can have some negative side effects on account of its chemical structure and therefore intake should be limited.

Herbal women’s libido booster products such as HerSolution can help you gain your sex drive naturally.  There are no harmful side side-effects associated with synthetic hormones.   They contain only the best herbal ingredients to work with your body naturally.

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