The Effects of Menopause On Your Libido

For most women the onset of menopause is an extremely difficult time in their lives.  Many start feeling the blahs because they are getting older and then they get hit with the hot flashes and mood changes.  Even after a few weeks when you think that you are coming to grips with the new changes you may slowly become aware that you have lost some interest in sex and some of the pleasures that it used to bring. That loss of libido is an all too common symptom that comes along with menopause.

However, the loss of your sex drive should not become a life sentence, but only a temporary event.  There are solutions for helping you regain your libido.

Yes, it’s true that there is no cure for menopause and that menopause will affect every woman of a certain age.  There is a solution which addresses the loss of libido. HerSolution is an all natural female libido enhancer which works like a Viagra for women, except it is even better for your health. All around the world women are regaining their libido and experiencing the joys of satisfying sex even after the effects of menopause have surfaced.  Now every older woman can have that twinkle in the eye and that secret smile that only pleasurable sex can bring.

There are those who say that female libido or lack thereof is not of a major concern. That everybody’s libido should be controlled in any event.  We cannon disregard the integral and important part that healthy and enjoyable sex can play in our lives and in our health.  Menopause causes a rollercoaster of physiological and psychological changes that no amount of willpower can overcome.  The use of a product that acts like a Viagra for women is to be recommended.  The natural HerSolution can overcome some of those negative effects of menopause and put sex back into these women’s lives.

Women who are just beginning to experience menopause may not like discussing the topic.  After all who want to talk about vaginal dryness, mood swings, hot flashes or a loss of interest in sex?  It’s important that women having these experiences understand that they are not alone.

Because these women don’t choose to discuss this issue they unfortunately also don’t choose to seek out help.  They may discuss the hot flashes with their doctor but not the sexual changes.  So often times they will get medical help for only the hot flashes if at all.  Even if they do discuss their loss of libido they may face options which may have other side effects.  Hormonal therapy is often prescribed but can have fickle and sometimes unintended results.  HerSolution will complement any therapy which your doctor chooses and is often a great first step before more drastic therapies.

The folks who produced HerSolution and other female enhancement products realized that all women may eventually have these symptoms associated with menopause.  They felt that if they could provide a safe, natural solution similar to what a Viagra for women would be that they could help women everywhere regain some normalcy and joy back into their lives.

Even though HerSolution is an all natural product and specially designed for women, there is one side effect that you should be aware of when using HerSolution. You may experience a loss of sleep at night.  Of course that loss of sleep will be brought about because of tons of fun under the sheets.

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