What is Tantric Sex?

There are different ways of attaining an orgasm when it comes to sexual bliss.  Tantric sex is also referred to as high sex which means at that time the body is in the Theta sex.  It is achieved when you are in a state of high meditation and you attain complete satisfaction.

It is achieved when the mind is aroused and this is also referred to as your Kundalini energy.  It goes without saying that the sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the entire universe and with Tantric sex you are empowered with a lot of bliss and power.  It is now possible to create a passionate and sensual awareness in your sexual life by arousing the power of your Kundalini energy.

Knowing and understanding Tantric sex

The body gives out hormones and gives us that pleasure when we are on a high.  Tantric sex is one way of arousing our Kundalini energy.  As per research, experts have found out that one can reach the maximum state of orgasm when they are in a state of meditation.  They receive bliss and pleasure during this time.  It is referred to as clearing of emotions and also it’s filled with fun and bliss.

Western thoughts – Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is the perfect blend of meditation, yoga and it blends both white and red tantra together and ensures that you receive bliss at the time of lovemaking.  There is a story behind that this was done to invoke the Tantric deities.  The bodily fluids were used as offerings to these deities.  In fact, the basic meaning of Tantra means creating intimacy and attachment, communication in an honest manner and also self realization.

All of us will surely agree that self realization is truly brilliant and is beyond time and space.  It lends peace of mind, unity and contentment.  It leads us to a higher state of consciousness and helps us remain satisfied and satiated.  Tantric sex believes in having and enjoying sex, not for the sake of sex but for growth and enlightenment.  Sex, love, prayer and peace is what goes into it.

How brilliant is Tantric sex – knowing the true meaning of Tantric sex?

Tantric sex is meditative, silent and peaceful and it comprises of using all the yogasanas, meditation and breath control. It is also referred to as tantric massage where the bio energies work towards achieving complete bliss and solace.  Sexual counseling is one part of Tantric activities.  The other benefits of Tantric sex are that the mind and body remain in a state of happiness and bliss.  Our bodies and minds have been created for enjoying and remaining happy.  The stressed life makes it difficult for us to remain in this natural state.  You need to start relaxing and be happy from within.

Tantric sex can be enjoyed in peaceful surroundings, playful atmosphere, sensuous atmosphere, and so on. Juicy fruits, coco and oysters are natural aphrodisiacs that aid happy sex.

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