Women’s Libido Help: Why Am I Suffering From Low Sex Drive?

low sex drive causes in womenA women’s libido fluctuate so often throughout their lives. However when it tips on the low side, this can be quite frustrating, annoying, and even can cause your self esteem to suffer as well.  Relationships can also take a low blow due to the lack of interest in sex.  So are you suffering from a low self drive?

A low self sex drive is a lack of desire to have sex.  You’re just not motivated to have sex.  Many factors can affect the decline of your sex drive.  Some of the more common causes are illnesses, stress, depression, menopause, post child birth, and even vaginal dryness can affect the decline of women’s libido.

On average, women’s sex drive is at its highest around the age of 35-40.  Like everything else, your sex drive drops as you get older.   However, each woman is different.  Some women’s libido may never drop while others will never experience a period of high sex drive. A low sex drive can be short or long term. Each person’s body is different and handles thing differently. Sadly many will just live with and accept their low libidos.

Let’s face it ladies, now a days our lives are much busier than ever and we have so much more to juggle. With that, a women’s libido often take the backseat.   There are children to raise, partners and relationships, work and careers to focus on, home to attend to, squeezing in a social life can be a miracle, and sex is usually the last on the list.

You may or may not notice that your sex life is diminishing.  While some women are too busy to notice that their libido is on low, others try to avoid it like the plague.  In either case your husbands, boyfriends, partner are usually the first to notice.  This is where problems with your relationship or marriage can evolve.

A drop in women’s libido may cause the partner to wonder what is going on.  Some will think that the problem is them; like you don’t find them attractive anymore or maybe their lovemaking is not to your liking. Although this may be true in some cases, it’s not true in the majority of this type of situation. Low sex drive in women is normal and can abruptly happen at any time.

There is no reason to endure a low sex drive.  Advancements in scientific research and technology have made it possible to improve low sex drive.  There are prescription medication, estrogen patches, and sex therapy.

There are also women’s libido boosters and female sexual enhancement products thatcan put thespark back in your sex life.  So if your relationship or marriage is suffering from low sex drives there is hope to revive it.  Female sexual enhancement comes in different forms.  There are pills, cream, gel, and oil.

As you can see you have many options.  Explore them and decide which is best for you.  Some products and services are more expensive while others are not.   Some require more effort and are time consuming and others are not.

You may want to include your partner in the decision to ensure them that they are not the cause of your situation and that you value their opinion.  There is a women’s libido booster that is just right for you!It’s all up to you, whichever way you go.

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