Risk Factors and Safety Precautions of Breast Cancer For All Women

Women today are more aware and knowledgeable about the risks of breast cancer than ever before.  This is a good thing especially for women over the age of 40.   As you get older the risks of getting breast cancer increases.  So age is an influe..

What You Should Know About Breast Cancer

Without a doubt breast cancer has become a thorn of an illness for women worldwide.  It has evolved to being one of the leading causes of death for women all over the world. In the United states alone about 200,000 cases of breast cancer have been..

Foods That Help Reduce Hot Flashes

As we mentioned before, up to 80% of American women suffer with hot flashes, while only about 5% of Japanese women endure this ailment. So what is their secret? Well it’s not really a guarded secret, it’s simply their diet.  Unlike the Americ..

What You Can Do About Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes can be unique to each individual, just like many other illnesses of the human body.  It can be triggered by any number of factors; however some of the most common triggers of hot flashes are heat, stress, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods..

A Closer Look At Hot Flashes

Hot flashes (also named hot flushes, or night sweats if they happen at night time) have always been a hot topic for women. But incidentally did you know that that there are no words for “hot flash” in Japanese? The reason being is that general..

Much More Excitement….Goodbye Libido Pills

In thіѕ time оf raised consciousness thеrе аrе mаnу оf uѕ оut thеrе whо аrе rеаllу questioning аnуthіng аnd еvеrуthіng wе аrе putting іntо оur bodies. Wе wаnt а mоrе natural аnd healthy diet. Wе аrе tаkі..
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